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PETITE ($2700)   The Petite Package includes six hours of onsite filming and is limited to one location. One shooter will work two cameras during the ceremony and reception. With this package, you will receive a 10-12 extended highlight video uploaded digitally within three months.
CANNY ($3100)   The Canny Package includes eight hours of onsite filming and is limited to two locations. You will receive a 2-5 minute preview video online within two weeks and a 18-25 minute feature video on Bluray or DVD within eight months.
DAPPER ($3500)   Two shooters will shoot for ten hours in up to five locations, Dapper gives us more time to catch those little details you’ve worked so hard to put together and capture those intimate moments before the ceremony while you're getting ready. You will see your 2-5 minute wedding preview online within a week and your 25-30 minute feature video on bluray or DVD will be ready within eight months.
PICTURESQUE ($3900)   Picturesque pulls out all the stops. Two shooters and a production assistant will shoot for up to twelve hours at up to five locations ensuring ample time to capture all the wonderful details you've worked so hard to prepare. Two cameramen can split up with both parties before the ceremony to ensure shots of both bride and groom preparing for the big day and having a production assistant allows for a third camera operator during the ceremony and an extra set of hands to free up our shooters to do what they do best: shoot creatively.
Uncut Extras ($500)   Often times ceremonies, toasts, and other events run long and don't fit into your wedding feature in their entirety. In these situations we offer “uncut” versions of your ceremony, toasts, etc. These will be included in your Blurays or DVDs. We shoot it, why not have it?
Five Minute Love Story ($800)   Get creative with your invitations! Give your guests a cinematic sneak peak into the love you share, let them in on your story, and cap it off with a save the date! This video is an intimate expression of love and sets the stage for the beautiful wedding to come. If you choose to do a love story with Switch Flick, it will be included with the Bluray or DVD for any package you select.
10-15 Minute Picture Slideshow ($500-600*)   Surprise your guests with a slide show of your individual childhoods and the time you spent together! This will be an unforgettable arrangement that you can save for a lifetime and will be included on the final Bluray or DVD for any package you select.
Extra DVD/Bluray   $30 each
    Please note that all prices are estimates only and do not include possible travel costs or costs for special requests. The final price will always be reflected in the contract signed between Switch Flick and the couple.
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